Pure Polish Arabian Horses

"Good horses are few, like good friends,
though they appear many to the inexperienced eye."

No breed of animal has enjoyed the fame and universal admiration as that of the Arabian horse nor has had a greater impact on the course of history.  For centuries, the qualities that have made this breed stand apart from all others—beauty, grace, endurance, intelligence, courage and affection for its owner—have endeared the Arabian horse to owners and enthusiasts alike.

Watching Hawk Arabians is proud and honored to share their lives with the Polish bred Arabian horse.  They are very much a reflection of the people who helped to create them: brave, athletic, enduring, ambitious at the racetrack; oftentimes shy and impassive at the splendors of the show ring.

Polish mares exude charm, femininity, maternity and serene beauty; stallions proclaim strength and masculinity combined with a gentle respect for the world in which they live.

Welcome to our dedication of the world's finest bred Arabian horse...

“Promising to uphold a world class tradition with
proven bloodlines, show ring achievers and rising stars!”
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